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UBCT has been established for more than twenty years, we are knowledgeable and passionate to provide solution for our customers that is why reputable and established semiconductor companies place their trust in us. We place customer's satisfaction as our priority and we help them to achieve their needs and goals for their company growths.

We works as a team with our core value is provide solutions for our customers which are undergoing a seismic shift towards lean manufacturing. With our strong technical background in engineering and capabilities, we provide solutions that are much focus to assist customers in their operations. UBCT's cyber-physical systems monitor the physical processes of the factory and giving customers decentralized decisions.

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Core Business

UBCT helps you manage your internal production processes as economically as possible by providing fully comprehensive, integrated and customizable solutions for internal logistics and material handling solutions.


With our experiences technical engineering and agile software development

Providing Visual AI Solution

Our Vision AI System is a deep learning powered video analysis planform that tracks people, detects activities and recognizes objects in real-time. VAIS analyses existing video stored or live streams and returns specific labels of activities, people and faces, objects and text for further analysis. The VAIS works with any type of video stream sources including CCTV cameras, AGV, smartphones or internet traffic.

Black Box

Black box is a cameras surveillance system with vision analytics program on each camera provide:

  • Live video and recorded footage with image detection analysis.
  • Recognize staff, workers and have anti-thief detection to notify system administrator.


Mirror Display with vision analytic technology would be able to:

  • Allows fast and accurate analysis on cleanroom gowning protocol.
  • A convenience solution for workers to wear correct attire before enter the cleanroom.

Navigation on AGV

AGV with help of the camera would be able to :

  • Recognize the straight and crossing lines.
  • Detect any obstacle that appears in the navigational path, avoiding obstacle and get around them
  • control speed based on the real time situations.


Delivers a comprehensive suite of automation software for semiconductor manufacturing.


A platform that allows you to view all your data in one place. It is a technology specifically design to show you what you need under your fingertips. Literally.You can view your work in progress (WIP) instantly.When it comes to audit for materials and visibility of your inline production control flow, you can just view from wherever you are.

Wireless System Controls

A rich user interface and robust features help to manage and monitor wireless system performance over the network, from pre-show planning through post-performance analysis.

Advanced Analytics Software

With advanced analytics, abnormal situations can be view in a glance. It has tracking features that can track total process view, overall flow and line inventory. It also has customized graphs with our inventory management line inventory.

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